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music composition and music production

Music Production

Original music composition and production

sound design and sound fx

Sound Design

SFX to picture for broadcast, film and internet

voice over

Voice Over

An essential part of our service. We record clean, clear, bold VO’s

final mix

Final Mix

Final mix for TV, film and internet

apple mac


As a hardware platform for audio there is no rival

pro tools

Pro Tools

World class industry standard software

Services What We Do

music composition and music production Music Production

This must be our favorite pastime. We love it! Film scores, games, TV shows, jingles, corporates, and anything in between.
Using live instruments, and some top American and German software, “Vi can kicken den butts ja!”

sound design Sound Design

Kraaaaackkkk! eeeeeekkk! Phoof! Smack!!! Cli-Click! “Do I feel lucky?… Well, do ya, punk?” Thwack! Pcheeewoo! GALLOP GAllop gallop!


voice over Voice Over

Ja, we do that too… and thats not all!

final mix Final Mix

So, your audio sounds muffled, gloopy, frizzy, haggard? We can fix that! Make it sound clear, bold, honey-fly, open, juuust right. Everything leaves our studio sounding awesome!

About Company Biography

richard for showreel3

Phonographic is a music and audio design company. We love music. We love audio. It’s this passion that makes us extra-ordinary.

Phonographic is led and operated by Richard Vossgatter, a skilled champion of his craft. He studied Jazz at UCT, cut his teeth with music production and audio post at Wounded Buffalo in Joburg and fine tuned the skill of long form mixing at Engage Entertainment delivering final mix for their TV catalogue.

Outside of audio post he has also written a portfolio of music that ranges in genre as much as it does in application, boasting numerous TV shows including Engage Entertainment’s multi-award winning series Gauteng Maboneng. He has also created epic tracks for film and corporate shorts as well as music libraries, TV ads and chart music.


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Portfolio Our Works

News Latest Posts

Mystify at Cannes

Final Mix and Sound design by Phonographic.

Mystify is South-African director Johnny Swanepoel’s fifth short film. It’s about a young hitchhiker (Cole) in the lone desert who is looking for a quiet ride to the next town. What he doesn’t know is that this ride won’t be as calm and easy as he thought it would be, thanks to a strange encounter with an old man (Mike) who lectures him about the world’s most complicated species: women. The audience is invited to join Cole on this intriguing journey to explore the magnificent beauty and mystery of women and of life.



20130215-191431.jpgSo I have a friend right, Calum MacNaughton, he is a maniac, an award winning film maker and into all sorts of old music from the 60′s and 70′s. Ya, I know, like who isn’t right…
But being the maniac he is, he discovered something very interesting about an nearby country that you could never guess.
A bit vague?
Ok, so when I say “music from Zambia” What do you think of?
Marimbas, drums, whistles, goat skins, G’nT’s?
Think twice, think rock’n roll, think flower power, think psychedelic rock, think hippies, think free love, think ZAMROCK!

Shaa, fully, it’s far out man!

Anyway he has embarked on a project to document some of this Joy and has managed to track down two absolute legends of Zamrock. He brought in the teaser for a mix the other day and its looking, and sounding great.

Look out for it.
Here’s a link to follow.

Lalela Vol8 Delivered

Lalela Music LibrarlyNews

We have just delivered our final mastered tracks to Alan Lazar in LA for the Lalela Music Library Volume 8!

A pile of hard work went into the 11 tracks of varying genres incliding DRAMA, FAMILY, INDUSTRIAL, PUNK, HOUSE, TECH and TRAVEL.

What’s it all about?

We have been writing library music for Lalela for about three years now and every time we do it, we surprise our selves. At Phonographic we are always trying to stretch ourselves when it comes to music composition. To produce music that is authentic, fresh and to brief. It is certainly harder to create than it is to destroy and our sanity hangs somewhere in the balance I think. I think we nailed it though!

Look out for them in the months to come.

New Site Launched

phonographic website

We are so exited to launch our new and substantially improved website. A big thank you must go out to JL and Garth at Flick for their brains and Graeme and Andre at REDBEERD for their incredible illustrations. Its always a happy day launching a new site, we hope you like it.


Whats new?
Well, everything really, except the awesome work we do. It just looks better now.
We have redesigned everything from the ground up. The legends at Flick refreshed our logo which now looks über cool. We also aquired the super talent of REDBEERD to help add some character to our look. Thoes little charactors represent hours of late nights on their side.  Their dedication is unparalleled. Do yourself a favour and check out their work.

Have a look at our portfolio page. You will be able to have a listen to all the music we have composed for TVC’s, TV shows, film scores as well as all the audio post production work we have done to date.


Award, Yay

final mic feel home

Feel Home, winner of the Antenna International Documentary Film Festival 2012

Just heard that Leonie Blignaut’s film Feel Home, which was final mixed at Phonographic,won Best Short Documentary at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival in Sydney. Well done Lee!

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